At Home With Planet Offers - Baking & Cooking

At Home With Planet Offers - Baking & Cooking

Here we are on Day 3 of At Home with Planet Offers, and today our focus will be cooking and baking. There are plenty of ways that you and the family can get together and start whipping up some delicious treats that you can all enjoy. It doesn’t just have to be baking that the kids can get involved with either, maybe you can get their help on your evening meal or cooking some lunch.

This doesn’t have to be leaving them cooking from scratch, maybe just getting them involved in the process. It’s a great time to start getting them involved and one thing is for sure, if they are involved in the cooking, they are much more likely to eat healthier foods. Below are a few places to help get you started and if you have any great recipes or ideas, be sure to share them with us!

BBC Good Food – Rice Krispie Cakes

Now this is a classic and really easy to do. Check out the recipe above for some delicious Rice Krispie Cakes! Click HERE to see the recipe.

Jamie Oliver cooking with kids

Jamie Oliver’s website is the perfect place to find some great ways to start cooking as a family. He is a parent himself, so he understands what it is like to get kids cooking but with his simple recipes and guides, it should be easy to get up and running as a family.

Youtube Cooking

There are loads of great tutorials available on Youtube that will help guide you and the kids along with some baking. Hoopla Recipes is a great one and the video above is chock full of ideas to help get you started. Some are easier than others, but you are sure to find on that fits your family’s skill level.

Top Tips

Days Out With The Kids have put together a brilliant blog post that details 5 tips for baking with kids (and staying sane)!

Have you got any recipes that your children love? Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #PlanetOffersAtHome – we’d love to see!