Bowbridge Alpaca Farm

Bowbridge Alpaca Farm

Written by our Tayside & Fife Days Out Diaries reviewer - Laura Stewart

Today Liberty and I arrived at Bowbridge Alpaca farm for an hour Alpaca experience. I hadn’t told Liberty that we were going there as it’s something she’s really been wanting to do as she loves Alpacas!! (Especially the baby alpacas!!) When we arrived I kept her blind folded and she was genuinely excited to be there.

On our arrival we were met by Simon and the farms pooch who were both very friendly!! He explained what our experience entailed - feeding, clicker training, meeting the babies (big grin from Liberty at this point), rounding up, assault course and then an information session with a cuppa, biscuits and our chance to make a souvenir to take home!

All though the weather was sunny and dry, from all the rain we’ve been having the ground was pretty muddy which meant wellies were a must! We headed to the back of the farm and to a large group of beautiful and very hungry alpacas!! With liberty being a little bit shorter then the alpacas it was a bit daunting having them surround her looking for food but I found it great fun! It was hilarious hearing the higher up alpacas telling the others off for trying to get the food before them and you could certainly work out which ones were most hungry when a few tried to sneak their mouths into our food boxes to help themselves!

We then headed to meet the baby alpacas and if you can believe it they’re even cuter in their slightly smaller packages! Liberty was a perfect height to feed these ones and they were so soft and gentle it really was a pleasure getting the chance to experience it. We then moved on to clicker training with the higher up male alpacas, this was basically rewarding them with their favourite after they put their heads into the muzzle. It was surprising how well they managed it!!

After tackling rounding up 3 of the alpacas we got to harness 2 of them so we could take them around the assault course! They were certainly much better at it then we were but it was great getting them through the hoop at the end! We then got to learn all about them and after feeling their sheared fur we got to make our very own mini alpacas to take home with us!

The whole experience was so fun and enjoyable we would both recommend it to any alpaca fan!

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