Diggerland Review - Days Out Diaries

Diggerland Review - Days Out Diaries

Written by our North East Days Out Diaries reviewer – Jade Nash

Wow, where do we even start? What a fab day out for all of the family.

The kids were so excited for our day out to Diggerland they even went to bed nice and early, while we prepped our picnic to take with us. We all woke up to a bright sunny day, although it was very cold, and set off early to drive 40 minutes up the A1 to be there just after opening.

During the drive I checked the website and looked at the attractions we were going to enjoy, there was a really helpful height chart for each ride so we knew before we even got there what our options were. This was especially helpful for little Eddie as I was concerned he wouldn't be able to get the most out of it. I was so wrong!

When we arrived and we went through the doors, the kids faces lit up, they didn't know what to go on first. We decided to navigate in a big circle and try everything. First up was a tractor ride which pulled barrel cars behind for the minis' to sit in.

Then after that it was time for 'Spindizzy', which is a massive digger with seats built into the bucket. You are spun around really fast and lifted high in the air, then back in the other direction. I hate heights and didn't realise how high you actually go! I closed my eyes at the top and Poppy wasn't a fan either, however little Eddie and Dad loved it. They went back on about 4 more times throughout the day!

It was quite windy that day so the highest ride 'skyshuttle' was closed, this didn't bother us however as this was the only ride Eddie was too little for, and I didn't have to be sick going on it!

We all then tried our hand at some digging with some JCB's ourselves, we paired off, boys in one and girls in the other and dug lots of big holes in squelchy mud. The kids loved it, and let's face it we did too - Poppy was really good and took to the controls really quickly.

After that the Minis had a go at driving some mini Landrovers around a track, Eddie was amazing especially since this was his first time driving anything like this solo. He had a few bumps and rearranged the tyre wall in places, but the team member manning it soon got him back on track and off he went!

Once they had finished there we headed to the 'Ground shuttle', this was a seated platform on the end of a telescopic loader (telehandler), you are lifted 8-12ft up and bounce around as you are driven through sludgy mud and uneven terrain. Then for a bit more bouncing around we all climbed into a 4x4 and enjoyed some off-roading, our driver was great with the kids playing spot the animals and dishing out fun facts and jokes all the way round.

It got even crazier after that as Poppy (with a little assistance) drove us all around in a full size JCB!

Now as it was very cold and almost lunch we headed inside to enjoy some hot chocolate while the minis had a whale of a time in the softplay area. There was lots to do inside too, with games machines, pool tables, toys, and 'The Dig Inn' which served hot food like hotdogs, burgers, chips, and hot and cold drinks. There was also plenty of seating and although we had brought a picnic there were signs stating that it could not be consumed inside. This was a little inconvenient as it was really cold and there were not many benches outside.

However despite this minor drawback we still carried on having much more fun on many more rides, there was one really fun one where you had to dig through gravel to find and lift out metal bricks and shapes, this was rather addictive and challenging, Dad really got into this one. There was also JCB hook-a-duck, Poppy and Dad went head to head on this one, and also JCB bowling, go-karts, digger swings and lots more.

We have to say every single one of the Diggerland team members were so helpful and would go out of their way to ensure you had a great experience.

It doesn't matter what age you are, there is plenty for everyone at Diggerland!

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