Samantha's Family

Samantha's Family

Where are you from?


How many people are in your family?


How old are your children?

Aged Four and Seven

Tell us a bit about your family

We love getting out on family adventures, every weekend we will be off out somewhere rain or shine. We prefer being outdoors and love walking, going to the beach, camping and festivals. But we also enjoy a good theme park, museum or the cinema. We often travel quite far out from Manchester for our days out and we quite often pay a visit to North Wales or the Peak District.

What are your family nicknames?

We are the Birch family; Mum Samantha, Dad Jonathan, Maisie and Indie.

Tell us a funny story about a recent day out

We’ve recently come back from a brilliant week in Northumberland where we visited lots of castles and spent a lot of time on the very cold beach. Indie is bonkers and loves getting in the sea no matter how cold it is (it was very cold in October!)

What is the families favourite game to play on a day out?

Our favourite games to play in the car are Eye Spy and Yellow Car - you basically get points for each type of yellow car you see, there aren’t many out there so it’s a bit of a challenge.

More importantly, what is the families favourite snack on a day out?

We usually pack a picnic and lots of snacks for the kids who Never. Stop. Eating! Indie loves chocolate and apples and Maisie loves olives and sliced peppers. I’m always happy when I’ve got my thermos of Earl Grey tea!

Last but not least, what is your family's motto?

We don’t have a family motto as such but we always remind each other to be polite and kind to other people. A saying we have for when things go wrong (because they often do!) is ‘there is always a solution to every problem’

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