Caroline's Family

Caroline's Family

Where are you from?

Northern Ireland

How many people are in your family?


How old are your children?

Aged Ten and Twelve

Tell us a bit about your family

We love to get out and about and experience new adventures. We regularly review experiences, breaks and restaurants using the likes of Tripadvisor, Expedia or Facebook, so you know we will provide detailed and honest reviews. We love the cinema, theatre, eating out and sports but most of all love getting outdoors and being active. We’ve recently climbed a mountain on holiday (via cable car) and we’ve even escaped from Prison Island (Escape Rooms), so you can tell we love to take on any challenge!

What are your family nicknames?

We like to be known as The Ashers!

Tell us a funny story about a recent day out

I tried roller skating and fell on my bum before even getting started. I couldn’t even stand up straight without taking off!

What is the families favourite game to play on a day out?

We love making up stories where we each add a line, you should hear some of the stories we come up with.

More importantly, what is the families favourite snack on a day out?

We’re famous for having indoor picnics aka picnics in the car because of the rain!

Last but not least, what is your family's motto?

Everyday is an adventure.

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