Laura's Family

Laura's Family

Where are you from?

Tayside & Fife

How many people are in your family?


How old are your children?

Aged Eight and Eleven

Tell us a bit about your family

We like to travel and visit lots of different family attractions and just this summer we have visited places in Scotland, England, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, so we love to enjoy wide variety of experiences. We have used planet radio offers on countless occasions as we love a bargain at the same time as having a great day out! We have a son of 11 who is massively hard to please unless there is Wi-fi and a daughter aged 8 who wants to be constantly entertained, so we will be sure to give some honest reviews as a family!

What are your family nicknames?

James' nickname - Giblets, Laura's nickname - Mitzy, Matthew's nickname - The king, Liberty's nickname - Bernard

Tell us a funny story about a recent day out

On a recent visit to Knowsley safari park, we had had a lovely day out going around all the animals including their monkey safari which the children had enjoyed best though they were slightly disappointed as none of the monkeys had decided to sit on our car. However as we were getting ready to leave the children asked if we could go through the monkey safari one last time to see if a monkey would come onto our car!

So we started the monkey adventure for the second time and as there wasn’t many cars going through we were inundated with little cheeky monkeys! The kids were over joyed and giggled the whole way round as they ate, peed, pooped and got up to general mischief.

However, it wasn’t until we left the safari park and were on our way back to the holiday park that we got a little confused. We were getting lots of honks off other people and we had no idea why! It wasn’t until 20 minutes into our journey when we got stuck in traffic that a bloke wound down his window and said ‘mate you’ve got no number plates on your car!’ It was then when we realised just how cheeky the monkeys had been!

On further investigation they had removed both number plates, all our wiper blades and our petrol cap!!! The kids thought this was hilarious until we realised as we were away from home we didn’t have the right paperwork to get new plates!! We had to get our neighbors to break into our house and send us the paperwork before we could come home!!

What is the families favourite game to play on a day out?

Our favourite car game is the animal game! We all take it in turns to either describe or sound out an animal and the first to guess who we are wins! We all start with I’m an animal...

More importantly, what is the families favourite snack on a day out?

Fresh sausage rolls, salt and vinegar pringles, frozen grapes and rainbow cookies!

Last but not least, what is your family's motto?

Everything happens for a reason.

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